Brave Ben

Bang Mannetje
Mathilde Stein & Mies van Hout
Published by Lemniscaat, Rotterdam

- One of 10 titles in the childrens bookweek 2011
- Dutch Childrens bookshopprise 2006
- 'Pluim van de maand
' september 2006

English, Italian, Korean, French, Spanish, Catalonian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portugese and Chinese

Brave Ben is afraid of everything. For people who jump the queue at the bakery (he's afraid to say anything about it), for wearing his favorite flowertrousers (he thinks people will laugh at him) and for the ghost under his bed.
He makes an appointment with the magic tree who says he can help him. The magic tree warns Brave Ben for the wild creatures in his forest. But he does't have to be affraid of them because they aren't dangerous.
.So Ben deals with a dragon, a giant spider and a witch.
When he finely comes tot the magic tree he turns out to be rather brave.

Satisfied Brave Ben goes home and puts on his favourite trousers. He buys two cakes. One for himself and one for the ghost under his bed.


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