Il y a des jours

Poesje Mauw
Mies van Hout
Published by Lemniscaat, Rotterdam

Titles and publishers of the translations
- Dutch: Poesje Mauw', Lemniscaat
- French: 'Il y a des jours.', Minedition
- German: "Hallo"' sagt die Katz, Aracari Verlag
- Switserland: "Hallo", seit d'Chatz, Aracari verlag
- USA: Pussycat pussycat, Lemniscaat USA

In The Netherlands, USA and Germany this is/will be a book about childerensongs.

For France and Italy the book has a different theme: 'There are days...

There are days when everything is dark, and days when everything looks sunny.

There are day's hanging on a thin wire.

And there are days when everything goes right, and end very well.