Mies van Hout
Published by Lemniscaat, Rotterdam

- One of 10 titles for Dutch Readingdays 2013
- Leespluim december 2011

- Nomination for the german jugendliteraturpreis 2013

In Germany are sold more than 180.000 copies of this book.

Titles and publishers of the translations
- Dutch: 'Vrolijk', Lemniscaat
- French: 'Aujourd'hui je suis...', Minedition
- Italian: 'Emozioni', Lemniscaat
- German: 'Heute bin ich', Aracariverlag
- Basque: 'Pozik', Ttarttalo
- Englisch: 'Happy', Lemniscaat
- Bahasa Indonesian, Happy fish
- China
- Japan
- Korea
- South Africa, Vrolik, Protea
- Spanish, Feliz

A picturebook about emotions.

In this book you can see 21 fishes. Every fish expresses an emotion.
For this book I drew hundreds of fishes. I drew them directly with oil-crayon on black paper. So you can feel the emotions directly.
This book is very popular at schools and by people who work with children who need extra care. It helps children to talk about their feelings.

Tips for using this book you can find here.
Some drawings you can see beneath.

New technique
The fishes are drawn with oil pastels.
This was an entirely new material for me.

Some Quotes
Mies van Hout's "Happy" is a tour de force of underwater awesomeness and emotion, showcasing what an artist can do with a few pastels, black paper and something fundamental to express. I want to hug it and buy a copy for every shorty on my list.
The New York Times

Was ein Illustrator kann, lässt sich oft daran ablesen, wie er Gesichter zeichnet. Bei der Niederländerin, die mit leuchtenden Ölpastellkreiden arbeitet, ist jedes Gefühl unmittelbar erkennbar. Nie trägt sie zu dick auf oder verkleistert die Aussage mit Klischees.
Die Zeit